Purchasing a New or a Second Hand Drum Kit

Purchasing an appropriate drumming kit is an essential concern for a drummer. That is why there is a need for the buyer to know certain things that he must consider before making a purchase. This article aims to give you tips for you to know more about assorted drum types. The first things that you should know are the basic parts of any drum. Knowing the combination of the types of drums is a major step that you have to take. Not all drum combinations are the same so if you prefer to use various percussions, you must be prepared to invest a considerable amount of money in coming up with a good set.


A simple kit for beginners is composed of cymbal and cymbal stands. As a buyer, you must be sure that wing nuts for the tops are provided. You must complete the set with a foot pedal for bass drums together with a hi-hat stand and a hi-hat clutch that hi-hat cymbals require. There should also be a drum key with the general kit. This drum key will assist you to tune your drums easily.


If you are buying a drum set, you are advised to buy your kit from reputable dealers. You must always ask if a set comes with a guarantee on it. A guaranteed set usually offers more longevity and you could it expect to last more than a lifetime.


Most cymbals with known brands often have expensive price tags which could really hurt the pocket. But cymbals that are sold in packs of two to four can actually make the purchase cheaper. You can always upgrade them later but you must make sure that both bottom and top heads are on them. You must also check if the tuning lugs are incomplete.


Make a checklist before you go to a music store. Aside from being certain about the cymbal stands and the presence of their nuts, a few more items should be checked as well. You must make sure that the laminate or the exterior drum finish is in its pristine condition. The hardware should be sturdy and all the locking mechanisms should be well secured. You should double check to see if the drumheads are in good shape as well. This is very important since the sound it will produce actually, depends on it. Replacing them after a short time is a very impractical and expensive endeavor.


If you are tight on the budget, it is sometimes safer and practical to buy a drum kit from an older player who takes good care of his equipment. Here you will be sure that the equipment is complete and has already used and tested. However, if you are not that confident about the second-hand drum kit, then you can ask an experienced drummer to join you during an inspection. You could certain use this dumming for drummies tips to get a good set.


There are plenty of electronic drum kit reviews that you can read on the internet if you need more information about selecting the best drum for your budget.